Artist Statement

Benjamin Johnson is an artist whose works reflect the life and culture of African Americans, particularly in his hometown of Compton, California. His work is heavily influenced by Impressionism, a style that emphasizes on color and light to create an emotional effect. Growing up in a large family with 10 siblings has also been a great source of inspiration to his artistic expression.

Johnson’s passion for art began at an early age when he started to study with Larry Gluck, a local artist known for his vibrant colors and bold brush strokes. He later attended the Otis Art Institute where he was taught by Charles White, further developing his painting skills. Since then Johnson has dedicated his life to producing artwork that celebrates African American culture while also expressing personal experiences from growing up in Compton.

Over the years, Johnson’s paintings have become well-known within the art community for their use of vivid colors and attention to detail. He is able to capture scenes from everyday life that celebrate the beauty of African American culture like no other artist can. Through his artwork Johnson wishes to showcase the special moments from everyday life that often go unnoticed yet are so important in our society.

Johnson hopes that through his artwork people will be inspired by the beauty of African American culture and gain a deeper appreciation for it. As an artist, Johnson believes that it is essential to remain authentic and true to one’s own personal story as this helps others connect more deeply with the message being conveyed in each piece of art. He strives to remind viewers about what it truly means to be alive and encourages them to cherish every moment they have on this earth regardless of their background or beliefs.

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